All Pro Automotive’s Experienced Technicians

Our Experienced Technicians

The combined experience of our technicians is over fifty years, and growing every day. As a shop that works on all makes and models, we have seen a wide variety of engines, engine problems, and creative solutions to those problems.

This much experience gives us an edge in both the diagnosis of your car’s problems, and the swift and efficient repair of your vehicle. Your car is safe in our experienced hands!

Meet The Technicians!

Roger Medina, owner of All Pro Automotive in Carrollton, opened his shop in 1994. Since his humble beginnings as a youngster in the Philippines, Roger has been fixing cars for family and friends. He’s honed his expertise over a lifetime, and has served the Greater Dallas community itself for over fifteen years. In his spare time, Roger can be found prepping his 2001 Dodge Viper GTS for track time at Texas Motor Speedway.


Angelo Medina is Roger’s youngest son. He joined his father’s business shortly after the shop opened its doors. Angelo began his automotive career changing motor oil and checking tire pressure.¬†After years of working with his father on many vehicles, he has a broad knowledge of many aspects of both foreign and domestic motors. Like his father, Angelo has a natural talent for diagnosing and repairing vehicles.


Bobby Weathers has been our transmission tech for the past 20 years. Experienced in both domestic and foreign automatic or standard transmissions, you can have peace of mind repairs are being done within industry standard.



ASE Certification

All of our lead technicians are ASE Certified (who? all techs? check this.). ASE stands for “Automotive Service Excellence” and every technician who is ASE certified is put through rigorous examinations by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), a¬†professional certification group that certifies professionals in the automotive repair and service industry.

It is an independent, non-profit organization to help consumers distinguish between incompetent and competent automotive technicians. When you go to a shop like ours that is ASE Certified, you know you’re working with professionals.




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