About Us

a hand holding a wrenchAll Pro Automotive is a family-owned business serving Carrollton and neighboring communities at the same location since 1991.

With over 50 years experience in the automotive industry and the latest in electronic diagnostic tools and equipment,  we give you peace of mind your vehicle will be in qualified hands, and that we’ll get you back on the road on time.

Our thousands of satisfied clients reflect our commitment to providing the best possible service in the industry through skill, integrity, reliability and honesty at a price you can afford.


Learn more about maintaining your car from our resident experts - Roger and Angelo!

Transmission Problems

Lack of maintenance, oil change places adding fluid that does not meet manufacturer’s standards cause premature failure. Slipping, disengaging out of gear, slow engagement,...

What is That Noise?

Cars sometimes start making strange noises – some of them are a result of age, some of them are real emergencies that need to...

Air Conditioner Not Cold?

We know it’s crazy here in the summer but sometimes you turn on your car and you’re pretty sure your air conditioner isn’t as...